Tufulife is inspired by our beloved fluffy Schnauzer friend Tutu, who has sustained a healthy and happy living with all the highest quality of natural products. We are passionate about the healing power of herbal medicines. We highly value our customers and carefully handpicked the highest quality natural, anti-aging and related skincare products that can improve skin and deliver visible results


We carry small quantities of each product to ensure freshness. We sell clean, organic or natural products which are beneficial to our customers. We have full disclosure of product information and you can be assured that harmful chemicals or additives are not present


Let’s have a healthy and happy life together. Welcome to Tutulife!

Tutulife 的慨念是來自我家一隻非常可愛又健康的十八歲史立沙小狗
這十八年來我們都為牠準備最好的和健康的食材與用品. 因為我們深信天然和有機對身體的重要性. 我們從世界不同的地方挑選優質的,成份天然的和有機的產品,來與我們的客戶分享, 包括美容用品, 嬰兒用品和寵物用品. 希望為你們全家人都帶來一個健康的生活~ 

譲我們一起進入Tutulife, 一個健康又快樂的生活!