Return Policy

First, in the purchase of goods, from date of purchase (with the arrival of the registration date) on quality problems within 7 days, you can choose to return, replacement.

Upon receipt of your product, I will send questions merchandise vendors, agents inspect the goods
After detection message out, such as non-human damage, the quality of the product itself, I will promptly refund according to your requirements, and replacement of goods.
If the test result is no quality problem on the issue or caused by human factors, I will keep you informed and consult your treatment advice.

Second, subject to the following conditions, you can request a replacement:

Upon receipt of the goods the customer face to face in front of courier unpacking, the goods are found quality problems
Actually received is very different goods and described on the website

For exchange, please contact:, Tel: 29110000. We shall dispatch the order two working days after clarification 

Three, subject to the following conditions, you can request a return:

Goods are found significant manufacturing defects
After a replacement goods quality problems still exist
Because of our commitment to human causes more than three days of arrival of goods not received
Return Process: The customer within two days after receipt of the goods to contact us, we will be within two working days by bank transfer to your money refunded.

In the following cases we reserve the right to refuse the customer's return requirements:

Return period return exceeds requirements
Returns objects look incomplete or damaged
Customers shipping documents missing or incomplete
Our products are not provided

There is no quality problem of the goods themselves